Conference I am associated with launched!

02 Sep 2008
Posted by stylesen
Yesterday around 22:00 HRS IST website went live! It has very basic information, which will grow in the future. This will serve as an one stop shop for all the information concerned with FStival and Software Freedom Day celebrations conducted as a part of GLUGOT and GLUG-Madurai. This website is done using Drupal 6.4, with some cool modules :)


11 Feb 2008
Posted by stylesen
FOSSConf'08 held in the MIT Campus from Feb01-03, 2008. I was a part of the organizing committee for this event. The event was successful and we had very good response from the students community. This event was organized by Ilugc and NRCFOSS. We got help from AUKBC and Computer Society of MIT in organizing the event. I designed the website for this event (in drupal) along with Sowmya from NRCFOSS who helped in the CSS and the theming stuff. I initially registered as speaker for "Personal Website with Drupal" talk which was scheduled on 3rd morning at 10:00AM. But unfortunately, since Jha Atul who is the speaker for an Introductory talk on Drupal could not make it to the event, I was asked by Mr. Raman to handle the talk on Saturday evening, which made me miss a part of the GIT talk and the subversion 1.5 talk given by Kamesh :(