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Its been more than 3 years since I got my own domain name to host my website ie., Since I started my website it was hosted by one of my ex-colleague in his shared server (CentOS?). Today I moved to a new server (Debian Lenny) which has lots of space and unlimited bandwidth for me. Lets see how it goes! should closely watch the differences on this move.
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Recently I moved to a different server and had the problem of logging in which resulted in a "access denied" error. After searching in drupal forums I came to know about this -
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Recently Yahoo changed the way in which we connect to the IM, which broke Pidgin clients in Debian Lenny and Ubuntu systems, specifically pidgin client version 2.5.7 and below. We can correct it by doing the following if you don't want to upgrade your clients to something latest, Go to your yahoo account settings in Pidgin. You'll see two tabs at the top. Go to the second tab(advance). There you'll find, "" and a few other web addresses change it to **. Thanks to Vipin M of AU-KBC who gave this piece of info via ILUGC mailing list.
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On last Friday ie., 05-06-2009, went live with "Redmine". The previous "trac" based site was replaced with Redmine, considering the ease of administering projects with a web interface. The alpha run (April 25th, 2009) of Redmine site was served using FCGI over apache which was very slow and the performance was not up to the mark. But now we run the production site using mod_rails over apache2 which is faster! Also the subversion repository creation is automated
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Subversion 1.6 supports caching of user passwords/passphrases in encrypted form using KWallet. I tried to get a feel of this feature, so started compiling the subversion sources with KWallet support. The following assume you already have kde desktop packages installed in your ubuntu/debian box. In order to get KWallet support in subversion we need to pass "--with-kwallet" option to the configure script. While configuring subversion if you get the following error
checking whether to look for KWallet... yes
checking for QtCore, QtDBus, QtGui... yes
checking for kde4-config... yes
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If you concerned about Repetitive strain injury - RSI and would like something in your desktop which will poke you at constant intervals to take rest before you start starring the monitor continuously "workrave" will be a good tool to consider. In Debian/Ubuntu you install it by the following command:
sudo apt-get install workrave
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In order to change the default web browser of Debian GNU/Linux you can use the update alternatives as follows:
$ sudo update-alternatives --config x-www-browser

There are 4 alternatives which provide `x-www-browser'.

  Selection    Alternative
          1    /usr/bin/epiphany
          2    /usr/bin/iceweasel
*+        3    /usr/bin/konqueror
          4    /usr/bin/epiphany-gecko

Press enter to keep the default[*], or type selection number: 2
Using '/usr/bin/iceweasel' to provide 'x-www-browser'.
NOTE: The abo