Bloody! First time

19 Jan 2014
Posted by stylesen

Like everyone in this world I was very tensed before I attempted it! I had varied feelings and the biggest question was, whether it is good or bad? right or wrong? That is the feeling we get usually when we do things for the first time. If it was something else, I wouldn't have had so many questions in my mind. But this is something related to life, relationships, health issues, etc ... Will I get health problems if I do this? Will it give me pleasure and satisfaction? What if, if everybody comes to know about this? Will they take it in the right sense? With too many confusions I went there.

The hospitality was good, I was received with a smile! Though I had fears deep within me, I just acted as if I am ok. I was scanned by a person from the opposite sex from top to bottom. I was asked the reason why am I doing this today? I gave satisfying answer I guess. I was given permission to get in.

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Today's date (25th February) is very special in my life for the past 2 years and it will continue to be like that till my end of life. This date for the past couple of years had given me happiness, satisfaction and a sense of achievement. This year is no exception to that and I decided to visit Spastics Society of TamilNadu (SPASTN) located at Taramani, Chennai. It was in 1996 I last visited this place for my project "Care for the Uncared" which I did in my 7th standard along with my friends for "National Children Science Congress". I was with the children for 3 full days and spent lot of time with them in "The Spastics School". Its been more than 15 years now and I visited today as a man with a good cause, it was really joyful to be in the School and speak with people who are closely associated with it. There was lot of changes in the School from my previous visit!

SPASTN visit pic

Joined BankofAmerica

22 Sep 2011
Posted by stylesen

I joined Bank of America, Chennai on 16th of August 2011. My work here in Bank of America involves programming in Python language. I ve joined Bank of America as a Lead Analyst in the Global Markets and Research Technology (GMRT) team.

My last day at NetApp was 11th August, 2011. NetApp was a great company to work with, I miss the company and the very friendly team there in NetApp. Unfortunately, I could not help it, but I need to take this decission since, I had some really compelling personal emergencies which drove me to this path in Bank of America. 

So, back in Chennai! Lot more fun to go! Will make a note to blog more frequently in future!

Joined NetApp

03 May 2011
Posted by stylesen

I joined NetApp, Bangalore on 2nd of May 2011 ie., yesterday. My work here in NetApp involves programming in Python language, which I was dreaming a long time, to get a career which allows me to completely program in Python and it is fulfilled now. I ve joined NetApp as a Python Developer in the tools development team. NetApp is the next best employer after Google this year, listed by fortune magazine - and it has been listed in this space for many years in the past too! I look forward  for all the fun ;)

Joined Nokia

04 Nov 2010
Posted by stylesen

I joined Nokia, Bangalore on 27th of October 2010, where my work will once again be based on FOSS based things. I ve joined Nokia as a Developer OS & MW in the Research and development organization, to primarily work on the Meego project. I got an N900 on the first day of my joining and it really rocks with the Debian based Maemo stack installed in it!

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பொங்கல் அன்று ஒளிபரப்பான பட்டி மன்றத்தில் "காதலியா, நண்பனா" என்ற தலைப்பில் "நண்பன்" என்ற அணியில் பேசிய திருமதி. பாரதி பாஸ்கரின் பேச்சு என்னை மிகவும் கவர்ந்தது. குறிப்பாக,

"நன்பனின் பெற்றோரையும், தன் பெற்றோராக கருதி, அம்மா, அப்பா என்று அழைக்க செய்வது நட்பு,

ஆனால், காதலியின் தகப்பனை கூட எதிரியாய் பார்க்க செய்வது காதல்"

என்று கூறிய பாரதி பாஸ்கரின் சிந்தனை அருமை! ரசித்து, கைதட்டி மகிழ்ந்தேன்!

பி. குறிப்பு: தமிழில் தலைப்பிட்டாலும் "Drupal"ன் "pathauto" சரியாக லிங்குகளை தமிழில் உருவாக்குகிறது. இனி என் தமிழ் பதிவுகளுக்கு, தமிழ் தலைப்புகள்!