Planet TCE launched!

13 Aug 2008
Posted by stylesen
Yesterday around 22:00 IST Planet TCE was launched. It took me just an hour to come up with this planet. Planet is a wonderful software which is very flexible. Right now the planet has minimal subscription and in future it will grow with more subscriptions. It aggregates blog feeds of students/staff/alumnus of Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai. Will try to tweak the CSS of this planet when I find time :)

A deer was saved!

12 Aug 2008
Posted by stylesen
Today at around 22:40 hrs I went out to empty my dustbin. When I was about to cross the road near my house, an ambassador car was rushing towards me, and I just crossed the road. While I was throwing away the packets, I turned to see that the car skidded and went out of control, when it hit a deer which was crossing the road. There were 2 to 3 deers crossing the road at that time, and one was hit by the car. The car driver didn't had courtesy to get down and see the injured deer, he just took the car after stopping for 20 seconds (may be recognizing that he has hit a deer and not a calf which will definitely create problems).


11 Feb 2008
Posted by stylesen
FOSSConf'08 held in the MIT Campus from Feb01-03, 2008. I was a part of the organizing committee for this event. The event was successful and we had very good response from the students community. This event was organized by Ilugc and NRCFOSS. We got help from AUKBC and Computer Society of MIT in organizing the event. I designed the website for this event (in drupal) along with Sowmya from NRCFOSS who helped in the CSS and the theming stuff. I initially registered as speaker for "Personal Website with Drupal" talk which was scheduled on 3rd morning at 10:00AM. But unfortunately, since Jha Atul who is the speaker for an Introductory talk on Drupal could not make it to the event, I was asked by Mr. Raman to handle the talk on Saturday evening, which made me miss a part of the GIT talk and the subversion 1.5 talk given by Kamesh :(

PCO call with Pooja

25 Jan 2008
Posted by stylesen
Posted by stylesen
Last week thursday ie., 20-12-2007, I met with an accident near Velachery Rathna Cafe hotel, while I was returning home from work. I escaped with some scratches on my palm and legs. This is the third time something like this is happening after I ve come to Chennai within 3 months time, out of which this time the scratches were a bit big. I am driving bikes for the past 10 years nearly, but haven't met with even a single accident or like in the past! I even have experiences driving with high speeds in the TamilNadu National Highways, and lots of non-stop long journey's. In the past I had a very old Bajaj Chetak (older than me) which thought me most of the intricacies of driving. I am having my bike TVS Max 100R from my second year of college, and this is one of the most precious things I value in my life. This bike had seen all the places where I ve stayed more than a weeks time, except Bangalore. Now am forced to give away this bike :( because of my parents and well wishers.

Joined CollabNet!

24 Jul 2007
Posted by stylesen

I joined CollabNet Software Pvt Ltd at Chennai on 2nd of July 2007, which is again FOSS based company. It is cool place to work with! I ve joined the Subversion development team in and started exploring subversion in greater detail. This time I ve got an IBM Thinkpad R60 to work with and I run my favorite OS distribution Debian 4.0 Etch in this laptop.