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There is a new link "Articles" added to, where I ll post articles authored by me. These articles are based on the stuff which I read and study when I find some time. There are some articles which are nothing but some notes which I ve prepared for taking seminars.

I ve also added a subdomain for articles namely

Wait and watch for more articles authored by me :) (I ll try to follow the KISS principle).

Started swimming!!!

27 Sep 2006
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From Monday(25-09-2006) onwards I ve started going for swimming classes. The swimming pool is near Kanthirwa stadium (close to MG Road) which is St. Joseph School's pool. I go along with my room mates (seniors but not so :) ) early in the morning. Yeah in the morning, many will be suprised, but thats the truth, I get up at 5:30 am in the morning and go for swimming. All of you know how cold is Bangalore and before I jump into the pool my body shivers like anything. Once inside the pool I enjoy swimming :). Am a beginner in swimming and gradually learning the art of swimming. There are 3 coachs Karthick, Radheesh and Manhjunath, who takes special care for me because am the only guy who have joined basic course, all the others are in the advance course who have some knowledge of swimming. They say am picking up faster than what they expected.

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Now I have my own web site with all the information about me gathered together in a single place. I ll no longer update blogs in my blogger or wordpress account. Having my own website was a dream for me from my college days, and it came true today :)

You can see latest updates from me right here in the future...

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Today morning I returned from Arupukkotai. I came in a nice air bus, but before getting tickets for that gosh!!! Last week also the same thing happened. I ve never booked or reserved tickets in advance for bus before. The same way I thoguht I can travel from Blore to Trichy easily last week without booking, but that was the end and I got to the peaks before I could make the trip. The return journey from Trichy was a bit painful, I had to switch two buses one from Trichy to Salem and then from Salem to Blore. I was there in Salem bus stand at around 12:00 am and I missed 3 buses since I was unable to get on any of them since there was so much rush (this is the scenario on all weekends I suppose). The more worst thing was nearly three people lost their mobile in the rush before getting a seat in the bus. Even when I got into the bus after stamping on so many people toes I could feel soem idiots keeping their hands in my pocket and trying to take my mobile or whatver they find profitable. Thank gawd!! I usually put very tight trousers (my girl friend use to scold me for that :)) so before those idiots could get my purse or mobile I got in :)

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I joined SpikeSource Software on June 19th 2006. Its an open source based company and its really cool to work here. I got a laptop (HP compaq nx6110). Am in Bangalore and getting adapted to the people an the custom here. But I don't find much difference here. Last weekend I went to Trichy and had a nice time :)

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I got my final semester results. Not bad this time and this is the highest score I ve got in the college. GPA is 8.93.

Subject External Internal Total Grade

Parallel Processing 44 18 62 C

Multimedia 60 22 82 A

Operating System 59 24 83 A

Engineering Economics 59 25 84 A

Advanced Networking 69 25 94 S

Wireless Technology 53 25 78 B

Project 146 50 196 S

Hmmm. With this I ve completed my UG :)

Busy with exams :(

16 May 2006
Posted by Senthil Kumaran.S

Yeah this is my final semester and am doing well. Still one more exam to go and the final review of my project (viva voce) is pending. Hope everything goes fine. Already people got the mood of going to jobs and so do I :) Waiting to join the company. Shall blog regularly after my exams :)