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10 Aug 2005
Posted by Senthil Kumaran.S

Posted by Senthil Kumaran.S

We went for a paper presentation at Velammal, conducted as a part of
the symposium of Department of Computer Science and Engineering. They
have named it as "Pegasus'05" (what a nice name). The very attractive
thing in this name is not just this, the logo which they have designed
for it, they say it as a "Unicorn Horse" (the second logo which I
admired the most in my life). This college is situated some where near
Redhills road, near Ambattur in Chennai.

We were allowed to use their college bus. Sri Ranjani and myself went
for participating in the paper presentation. We also had plans in

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01 Jul 2005
Posted by Senthil Kumaran.S

Posted by Senthil Kumaran.S

Its been a long time since I was preparing very seriously for getting an offer from a reputed company of my choice. I couldn forget June 7th, 2005 coz I got a job. It was on June 6th, 2005 we had Cognizant Technology Solutuions at our campus, on the same day we had a wonderful presentation by the Cognizant team and the toughest part came i.e, the Aptitude Test. There was negative marks and I managed to solve 25 questions out of the 40 questions. We got the short listed candidates on the same afternoon. Next day (June 7th,2005) I had my interview. It was a very easy, nice and pleasant interview. I remember I got into the room at 9:07 am and as soon as I got inside the interview there was a power failure and the room became dark. Then Mr.Renga a smart young chap who was my interviewer asked me to help him in opening the windows. I immediately went to one of the windows and started opening also he did the same, in the meanwhile the power came. Then he introduced himself as Renga and I did the same. Then I made myself ease in the chair in front of Renga (It is a custom in Cognizant to call all the associates by their first name). Then he asked me for the form which we filled with most of our personnel details and skills. The first question he shooted was to introduce my self introduction. After introducing he asked for my college mark statement. He had a glance and asked me why dont we start with Microprocessors. Without hesitation I said yes. He asked some basic questions from that. Then he switched to Datastructures and then to Object Oriented Programming. At last he ended the technical talk with Sofware Development practices. While I was explaining the various steps for developing a software I missed the important point i.e, review. Then he reminded me about that and he gave a small talk for a minute about review. He mentioned that review must be in between testing and delivery. I added that it must be between each and every phase of the software development cycle, he was very much pleased and appreciated me for coming with a valid point.

Posted by Senthil Kumaran.S

At last I got my results for the sixth semester. This time also I got 8.57 as my GPA. Am qualified to get into the Final year completing my Pre-Final year. When I think back it seems to be a very short time, its like just now we got into college but three years had gone. Another important thing is by passing the sixth semester am also eligible for attending the placements in all the companies visiting our campus with the added advantage of not having any arrears thus far, I must thank the Almighty for giving me this gift and this must continue till I finish my career. Last semester also I ve got 8.57. But before getting my resutlts this semester I was really scared coz I thought I didnt do my exams well. The only subject I was very much worried was Object Oriented Analysis and Design(OOAD), this was because I didnt do my internals very well. I was a bit playfull with this subject since I thought it as an easy subject. But after the results only I realized that it was a very easy subject and even I can secure 73% in this subject which gave a B grade. I thought after getting 8.57 int his semester my CGPA will shoot up to great heights but, it was not so it raised only to 0.05. Thus my CGPA now at the end of sixth semester is 8.30.

Its been Long back

07 May 2005
Posted by Senthil Kumaran.S

Its been a long time i ve blogged.. Last month i had my semester and i did the exams fine. Now in May am preparing for my placements and also working to give a good deliverable to our Virtusa Project. Last month (April 14) i had a really bad time my system got crashed. My hard disk went to hell and it was replaced by HCL since i had warranty at the cost of my data being lost. I was very upset over that, even till today my system is giving problem, all my devices started failing one by one. Today i spoke to the company people about my system problems and they have assured me that it will be fixed surely on coming Monday.

"LPC" First Place

25 Feb 2005
Posted by Senthil Kumaran.S

The first place in Linux Programming Contest(LPC) was bagged by our team. Sri Ranjani and Myself did a small software for LPC, which is a programming contest conducted by our CSE association. It is an interface for the wget tool in GNU/Linux. At first when we cleared prilms, we thought that we were to implement wget ( it involves a lot of stuff, ie. implementing http, ftp and all that crap), but one day when we had a discussion my senior Balamurugan made it clear that our job is to just make use of the existing tool in GNU/Linux and provide an interface for that. Then things were made easy. Ranjani and myself worked for one day fully dedicated, for that and we almost finished it on that day. Then we were waiting for the results for a long time. At last we got the first place. There were ten teams participating in this contest.