Happy Moments

FOSS 2007 @ TCE

17 Jan 2007
Posted by stylesen

I was one of the speaker and resource person at the FOSS2007 Workshop held at Thiagarajar College of Engineering (TCE). I took sessions on various topics such as Database tools, Web Programming tools and Content Management tools. This was a great experience for me since I was able to share my knowledge with various class of people. There were many lecturers and students from different colleges across Tamil Nadu.

It was a 6 day event and I was there on the last 2 days ie., on 12-01-2007 and 13-01-2007. On the first day FN, I handled sessions on Database tools and web programming tools for the delegates and in the AN I handled the same sessions for the second year CSE students of TCE. Both these sessions went on well for about 3 hours. There were good questions posted by the audience on these sessions. Unfortunately I had some problem with my throat at the end of the day and my voice was totally different. In the evening I had a nice chat with my junior friends.

Got a new mobile

09 Jan 2007
Posted by stylesen
On December 29th I got a new mobile when I was on my vacation in Trichy. It is Sony Ericsson W700i which is popularly called as a walkman phone. I was searching for a good mobile handset to buy for the past 4 months and finally settled with this. Some of the features which attracted me are:
  • Walkman phone with Mega Bass
  • Has a very good 2 mega pixel camera
  • Compatible with GNU/Linux
  • Feature rich with technologies such as bluetooth, infrared, etc...
  • Has FM radio
  • Java Enabled
  • Has a 30mb phone memory and comes along with 256mb memory card which is extendible
Posted by stylesen

I wrote my first Drupal module today. I ve named it as "What's new?". Yeah exactly the block which you see at the right side bar in this website. Previously I had popular contents in the same place which is a default block feature present in Drupal. It was not getting updated frequently because the popular contents gets changed after a long while. Then I was thinking today to change that particular block with some other content. I was updating my poems as a page entry which is added as a content but there is no means to show those new poem pages or any new content for that matter separately in the website. So I decided to write my own module known as "What's new?" and Drupal code base is so easy that I was able to finish it within a hour or so :)

Posted by stylesen

GetEz a downloading software developed by myself and Ranjani (my college mate) is now hosted as a project in SourceForge.net. Today I ve setup all the required things for that project and even the website is ready. I am planning to spend some time in order to remove any bugs if it exists in the project.

The project website can be accessed at http://getez.sf.net

I ve uploaded the initial release source code of the project and yet to make the CVS repository up. The project summary page in sf.net is http://sourceforge.net/projects/getez/

Posted by stylesen

Yesterday was one of the memorable days in my life, because I attended a function in Trilogy where I enjoyed to the core. There was a group which performed Dollu Kunitha at the top floor of Salarpuria Infinity (This is were Trilogy office is situated). Yesterday Sap called us ie., Prabhu, Ekanth (all of them are my roomamtes) and myself to attend this function and we went there at 7:30 pm though Ekanth came only at 9:30 pm. Everybody was in their ethnic wear, except a few, including myself, Prabhu and Ekanth. I was wearing my company T-shirt which had "SpikeSource India" text at my left chest, and a dark blue cotton jean with my brown shoes.

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This was one of the memorable Software Freedom Day's (SFD) I would recall in future, because this was the first SFD am not a student. I went to Madurai to attend the SFD code named FStival'06 in my college TCE. This time I could see many more improvements in the way in which the event was organised and some more maturity. There was a huge crowd from colleges in and around Madurai and the general public which was our dream two years back when I was in college.

Kenneth Gonsalves from NRCFOSS was the chief guest of FStival'06 and he gave an impressive talk on "HowFLOSS makes you a great programmer". He also answered many queries posted by the audience.

Posted by stylesen

We got a wireless router in our room today. So right now am in my bed typing this blog entry. Since all of us have a lap in our room we can move around independently inside the room and still! we are connected :)

Also today am happy that I ve learned some simple concepts of Networking. I joined with Ekanth anna in configuring the Wireless router. Since I have only GNU/Linux in my machine there was some difficulty in getting the wireless working in my machine. But we solved the issue of having 2 profiles one for my office wireless network and another for my home network by writing a simple shell script (think there is a bug in the gui network config tool), though it is not a clean way.