Travelling is a pain now :(

10 Jul 2006
Posted by Senthil Kumaran.S

Today morning I returned from Arupukkotai. I came in a nice air bus, but before getting tickets for that gosh!!! Last week also the same thing happened. I ve never booked or reserved tickets in advance for bus before. The same way I thoguht I can travel from Blore to Trichy easily last week without booking, but that was the end and I got to the peaks before I could make the trip. The return journey from Trichy was a bit painful, I had to switch two buses one from Trichy to Salem and then from Salem to Blore. I was there in Salem bus stand at around 12:00 am and I missed 3 buses since I was unable to get on any of them since there was so much rush (this is the scenario on all weekends I suppose). The more worst thing was nearly three people lost their mobile in the rush before getting a seat in the bus. Even when I got into the bus after stamping on so many people toes I could feel soem idiots keeping their hands in my pocket and trying to take my mobile or whatver they find profitable. Thank gawd!! I usually put very tight trousers (my girl friend use to scold me for that :)) so before those idiots could get my purse or mobile I got in :)

Yesterday even a worse thing happened before getting a ticket back to blore from Arupukkotai. I think things are getting worse day by day, for getting a token for a seat in the bus I was forced to bribe a private agent. A pathetic thing I noticed is today black marketting has crept even in travel agencies. Even when they have tickets for the trips, these travel agents are refusing to sell those unless they are paid more, also they are very confident that all the tickets will sell if it is a weekend. This applies even for some big head guys in this industry. Then some how I got a ticket and came to Blore :) and blogging.