w700i as remote control in Ubuntu Gutsy

30 Nov 2007
Posted by stylesen
It is really cool to use your Sony Ericsson w700i mobile as a remote control for your laptop powered by Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon. It is very simple, using this feature you can take control of your presentation, media player, desktop. Sounds cool right? All you have to do is this. Turn on bluetooth in your mobile phone. Now try the following:
Step 1: $ hcitool scan
        Scanning ...
                    00:21:32:45:71:3E       Stylesen

Step 2: $ sudo hidd --connect 00:21:32:45:71:3E

After step 2, you will be asked whether to allow connection from your laptop. If you 
press "yes" then you will be shown a screen "Remote Control" in your mobile which will 
have options such as "Presenter", "Media Player", "Desktop". Now you can choose any one 
of the options and try out the interface yourself.

Step 3: $ sudo hidd --disconnect 00:21:32:45:71:3E

Use step 3, if you want to disconnect the remote control (yeah your mobile phone).
I was very much impressed to see the "Desktop" option. In which you can have total control of your desktop from your phone as if you are using a mouse? (Huh, more than that). Even you can switch between windows like you do with the keys "Alt+Tab". You can use the joy stick in the mobile to move the cursor on the screen! It rocks :) The "Presenter" option also worked fine with evince, openoffice, gthumb, etc. I have some problem with the "Media player" option, I currently use "Audacious" as my default audio player and vlc as the media player, the key bindings of audacious and vlc are not in sync with the signals sent from the sonny ericsson mobile alias remote control, I suppose. Have to find a suitable media player or figure out some other way to send the signals correctly. A nice thing to dig into :) With my new HP dv2601tx laptop, I got a small remote control to control Media Player in Windows Vista. Since I ve ditched Vista and installed only Ubuntu and Debian in my new laptop, I was unable to use the remote control since it was designed exclusively for Vista, but now? I have my Sony Ericsson w700i mobile as remote control! Voila!

Seems cool to hear. Would

Seems cool to hear. Would that work for Nokia sets too? Believe it would...

It should be possible

It should be possible Praveen, give it a try!

Works with K750 also.

Works with K750 also.