A walk through subversion 1.6 - linux for you - april 2009

12 Dec 2009
Posted by stylesen

svn 1.6 features walkthroughI ve written some articles for Linux For You magazine in the recenet past. Thought of publishing it one by one here, and this the first attempt at doing so. My first article to LFY was about the features of subversion 1.6 release. I was so excited to see this article in print which was my first experience to do something like this.

A gist from the article is follows, you can download the entire article from the attachment to this post,

Subversion (svn) is a popular free software version control system that is widely used by a lot of developers across world. Many popular community sites like SourceForge.net, OpenOffice.org, Netbeans, Tigris, etc, provide Subversion hosting for collaborative development.

This article takes you through some of the important features of the Subversion 1.6 release that benefits both users and the developers.

See attachment below to download the complete article in pdf.

svn-1.6-walkthrough-lfy.pdf2.57 MB